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Solana Meme Tokens Prices Go Upwards Unlike Anything Else

Meme tokens on the Solana blockchain have experienced impressive growth recently, even as leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin face declines. This trend of outperformance by meme tokens has fueled expectations within the crypto community of a possible meme token-driven market rally.

We take a look at the vibrant Solana meme coins market and see whether it will persist to shine or whether it will be overtaken by similar tokens outside of the Solana exosystem. 

Price Performance of Solana Meme Tokens

Prominent among these, Dogwifhat (WIF), the top meme token on Solana by market cap, climbed 16.2% in the last day, currently priced at $3.5 on Gate.io. Others, including Popcat (POPCAT) with a 27.6% rise, Jeo Boden (BODEN) at 36%, Slerf (SLERF) up by 14.2%, Wen (WEN) at 17.6%, and Maneki (MANEKI) increasing by 16%, have also shown notable gains.

These increases stand in stark contrast to the broader crypto market’s modest rebound. Bitcoin, for example, has only slightly recovered from dipping below $57,000, now trading at around $64,600. Meanwhile, the collective market cap of Solana’s meme tokens has grown by 6.8%, reaching $6.9 billion. That being said, POPCAT is valued at $0.61, whilst SLERF price hovers above $0.31.

A prominent platform for crypto analysis, expressed a bullish sentiment on meme tokens, saying that if your meme coin portfolio has not seen a growth of over 500% this year, then you are definitely invested in the wrong crypto. 

However, challenges remain within the meme coin space. ZachXBT’s recent investigations highlighted that 12 Solana-based meme coin projects had been discontinued, causing substantial investor losses totaling $26.7 million.

Notably, the token “I like this coin (LIKE)” gathered about $7.8 million from investors before its value halved.

Additionally, the meme coin BONKKILLER was involved in a honeypot scam earlier this week. Its “freeze authority” mechanism prevented holders from selling their tokens, artificially inflating its market cap to $327 trillion—supposedly more than the global GDP—while over 90% of the tokens remained under the control of its creator.

Moreover, a Blockaid cybersecurity study indicated that around 50% of presale tokens on the Solana blockchain between November 2023 and February 2024 were identified as malicious.

As the meme coin market evolves, it continues to exemplify the delicate balance between high potential returns and significant risks. Investors are encouraged to perform extensive due diligence and approach these highly volatile digital assets with caution. This promising yet precarious market requires meticulous analysis and a strategic investment approach.

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Non-Solana Meme Coins

While Solana-based meme coins have had their share of the spotlight, several non-Solana based meme coins also exhibit notable market movements and have built substantial communities around them.

Dogecoin (DOGE), the progenitor of meme coins, originally created as a lighthearted alternative to more traditional cryptocurrencies, has seen various ups and downs in its price recently. Its value tends to fluctuate based on social media sentiment and endorsements from high-profile individuals like Elon Musk. After a period of lull, Dogecoin experienced a resurgence, often reacting sharply to tweets or public mentions by influencers.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is another major player in the meme coin arena that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed as a “Dogecoin killer,” its price movements often mirror the broader trends in the altcoin market. Recently, SHIB saw an increase in trading volume and price following the announcement of developments in its ecosystem, including the launch of a decentralized exchange and plans for a metaverse project, which stoked interest among crypto investors looking for the next big wave.

SafeMoon is yet another example, though it has faced its share of controversy. Originally gaining massive popularity and seeing explosive price increases due to its tokenomics involving rewards for holders and penalties for sellers, SafeMoon’s price has been more volatile after initial enthusiasm waned and skepticism about its long-term viability grew.

These tokens highlight the highly speculative nature of meme coins, where community support and social media trends can dramatically influence prices. While they offer high potential rewards, they also come with high risks, often subject to dramatic price swings based on shifting sentiment rather than fundamental changes in the market. As such, while they can offer a thrilling ride for speculative investors, they underscore the importance of due diligence and caution in the often unpredictable crypto market.

How to Invest Right in Meme Coins?

When considering an investment in meme coins, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and be mindful of several key factors. Firstly, community strength and social media presence are pivotal since meme coins often rely heavily on viral marketing and endorsements for value appreciation. Secondly, assess the transparency and credibility of the project developers. 

This includes looking for clear communication channels and evidence of active development, rather than anonymous teams which might signal potential risks. Additionally, understanding the tokenomics, such as supply mechanisms, transaction fees, and distribution plans, can provide insights into the potential for long-term sustainability and growth. It’s also advisable to check for any past security issues or audits to gauge the coin’s resilience against vulnerabilities. 

Lastly, consider the liquidity and volume of the coin on exchanges, as these factors can significantly impact your ability to sell your holdings without affecting the market price drastically. Overall, while meme coins can offer significant returns, they come with high risks, making cautious evaluation essential before investing.


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